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take, what the chp is doing and commute alternatives. >> and authorities say a bust literally saved lives. . good evening, it's wednesday, august 28th, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> it's the end of an era now less than one hour ago. at 8:00 tonight, the bay bridge will close for the long labor day weekend and the eastern span will close for good. last minute preparations are underway. the highway patrol say anyone planning cross the bay should not wait until the last minute. >> here's the count down clock we've been showing you now for the past week. we are now 59 minutes and
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23 seconds ahead of the closure all of this to make the way for the new span early next week. and drivers making that last dash to beat the shut down. patty it's anything but busy as usual tonight? >> reporter: traffic is incredibly light. you can hear folks saying good-bye to the bridge. now, we're still 15 minutes out from when chp starts shutting off access in both directions. this is the area in emeryville near the court yard marriott. >> this is going to be people -- there's going to be people that have no idea what's going on. >> we talked to several toll
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correctors who clocked in. -- collectors who clocked in. he says he and his co-workers will not be paid during the closure unless they take leave or work somewhere else. some people, they want -- they apply to work in another bridge >> reporter: the soon to be defunct old bay bridge were over shadowed of concerns. there is also a still unfinished system ungrade to the toll collecting -- upgrade to the toll collecting system. toll takers who did not want to be identified call it the first step of replacing workers to all electronic tolling. >> we're not installing any equipment as a precursor to all electronic tolling. >> the toll authority says all electronic toll suggest not part of the immediate -- tolling is
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not part of the immediate plans. >> with one major difference, they're adding a whole new bridge. >> reporter: so you can see there's some confusion here. the bay bridge toll authority has just closed these two lanes. folks have been naturally backing their cars up and trying to get into the fast track lanes that are still open and green. you can see a worker pulling down -- yes, there we go -- a blockage so folks cannot drive-thru. we're hoping there are no accidents as people back up and try to get into the lanes that are still working. there are also crews circling the parking lot. they've asked us when the media trucks are going to leave. they're going to stage here in the next few hours. you can see some of these work crews circling. they're hoping to find a parking spot so they can begin to work at 8:00. reporting live from the toll
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plaza, patty lee, channel 2 news. >> we're getting a first look at the command center and the opening of the new span. it has several communications stations for cal police and chp managers. they're monitoring traffic exactly also be checking construction vehicles to and from that project. the highway patrol is getting ready to start the process by running traffic brakes on both sides of the span. in san francisco, starting at about 7:15, chp cruisers will slow down traffic and start closing on the ramp. after that, people heading to the bridge on eastbound 80 will be forced to exit. >> for example, in emeryville, if you're traveling westbound 880, you're going to be diverted. >> bay area transit agency,
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bart will offer 24-hour service and longer trains for people needing to get around. 14 bart stations will be staying open overnight. the san francisco ferry is also expanding service to help people travel for the next five days. >> construction vehicles are gathered on the oakland side of the eastern span and at ybi, poised to begin work just as soon as traffic is closed. equipment is already lined up. construction workers say the equipment was put if place days ago. >> if we have as many vehicles in advance, then we can start sooner. the faster we can get through construction, then that makes that possibility of an earlier opening that much more real. >> a spokesman for the project says over the next few days as many of 6,000 loads of asphalt will be moving in and out of that site. >> the first section to go is the s-curve and the demolition
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crews will move eastward. it has to be dismantled piece by piece to avoid a collapse. much of the bridge will be gone in nine months. the entire demolition project is expected to take three years. we'll have much more coverage of the bay bridge closure in our next segment and show you one neighborhood expecting a big difference over the next few days. now of the massive rim fire burning in and around yosemite national park. 180,000 acres have burned. an evacuation order is still in effect. the fire is 23% contained. cayoga pass road was closed into the park. the area burned inside the park has nearly doubled from yesterday. >> we're up to about 41,000 acres right now within yosemite national park burning in remote wilderness areas.
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>> the national park service says the fire is a potential to the the giant sequoias burning about two miles from 2,000-year-old trees. officials in contra costa county are testing a new emergency system. test calls are set to go out this hour to people who live near that chevron plant in case of another problem. test calls were made earlier near the phillips 66 refinery and shell refinery in redeo. and 19 suspected gang members are behind bars after a coordinated multiagency crack down. the arrests took place over the summer and john sasaki say they may have saved lives. >> matt stone is a police officer who grew up in this city. >> i heard a lot of positive
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feedback. >> whenny join -- when he joined seven years ago, things were very different. >> the change recently, that area back there was called murder block. >> is due partly to operation exhedus. >> deep sea was taken off the streets last year. >> we were starting to reap some of the benefits of this collaborative relationship. we've had one of the lowest homicide rates in many, many years. >> in april, a 19-year-old was killed on the streets when he was participating in a program. >> this effort would not have
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happened without a court ordered wire tap. >> people were literally planning go out and kill people. >> enabling police to stop the crimes before they happen. >> intersepting folks they had identified where they wanted to shoot somebody. >> among those arrested, 24 are now charged with conspiracy. ktvu channel 2 news. tonight, we're learning from an antioch plan who was paralyzed in a road rage crash two weeks ago. >> everybody out there, i just want to say thank you for your support. >> 47-year-old richard fletcher made this youtube video from his hospital bed at kaiser oakland. he was hit by an angry driver on eastbound 24. that was ten days ago. he suffered a broken spine. his daughter has not given up hope that he will walk again. >> you never know what could
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happen. we have a really strong family and dad and we're putting it in god's hands are hoping for a miracle. the driver has later shot but survived, and been charged of attempted murder. a sheriff's k-9 moved in on a me steerous man last night -- mysterious man last night. deputies were able to pry the knife away from the man. the man and the dog are expected to cover. a proposal to ban the sale of unhealthy drinks fizzled. one of the city venues if the proposal was adopted, but at a committee meeting reaction was mostly negative.
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the last minute rush as the deadline nears, we'll go back to the bay bridge toll plaza just ahead of the five-day closure. >> and president obama helped celebrate a key moment in our nation's history. his speech that echoed martin luther king junior's speech. things are going to warm up. how warm will it be in your city tomorrow? i'll have the details.
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. they came by the thousands from every corner of our country, men and women, young and old, blacks who long for freedom, and whites what can no longer accept freedom for themselves while witnessing the segregation of others. >> president obama on the mall
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today pay be tribute to dr. martin luther king junior and all those who marched 50 years ago. thousands participated in today's celebration, and it not only noted the progress but the ground that yet needs to be traveled. >> bells rang out at the exact hour martin luther king's dream sang out. >> president obama, the nation's first black president, standing exactly where dr. king stood reflecting on the progress and the work that remains. >> no one can match king's brilliant, but the same flame that lit the heart of all who are willing to take the first step for justice. i know that flame remains. >> and other times, focusing on on examples where the dream is falling short today. jim kroll had a son called james
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kroll junior, esquire. he puts it in language that looks different but the results are the same. >> unemployment, homelessness, poverty, hunger, are the renewed struggle for voting rights. we must never, ever give up. >> reporter: president obama and others pointed out the original march was about jobs and economic justice, noting the unemployment rate is almost twice the national average. fox news. >> and martin luther king junior elementary school, children recited the words of dr. king's speech. >> i have a dream little black boys and little black girls will be available to join hands with little while boys and little white girls. >> the school principal says the goals remain the same a half century later. >> the legacy of social
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justice, the legacy is treating people fairly. >> the principal says those goals are why it's so important to teach them about martin luther king's life and words. >> i have a dream that one day, this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed. >> now trending at, historic video clips from dr. martin luther king's speech. look under hot topics. the federal government released a claim that it failed, claiming two protests including antisemetism speech. the u.s. department of investigation concluded the protests are constitutionally protected teach. the student's lawyer is
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considering an appeal. a military jury sentenced major nidal has an to death. -- hasan to death. he will now know transferred to the prison at fort levenworth kansas. his automatic appeals are expected to take several years. >> a group of hackers is claiming responsibility for the cyber attack on the new york times. >> the site was down for several hours today. it warned on twitter that, quote, the media is going down. the hackers also managed to tamper with twitter's administrative administration. san francisco twitter is expanding making a deal with the new york company called trender. trend are says it tracks what people are saying on social media about tv content and providing that information in real time. wall street posted gains. nasdaq added 14. analysts are waiting to see what happens with syria, then there's the august job report and the
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debate on the debt ceiling. >> and this clock is 42 minutes away. we'll give you a live look at the brej where cars are okay bridge where cars are being allowed to cross at 8:00 tonight. >> boy, it looks quiet, patty behind you. >> reporter: it's almost unbelievable to see how quiet it is. a lot of times folks just get out and take photos to document this historic evening. we can see that traffic is backed up in both directions. now, this is even before chp blocks off access to this area. and we're also told by chp that even though traffic is light here at the toll plaza, the streets are backed up leading into this area in san francisco and in emeryville as the checkpoints set up by the chp are put into place.
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they're going to pretty much shut down access to the bridge in the next 15 minutes and then for the next half-hour they'll clear out this area tamake sure there's -- to make sure there's no one left when it shuts down to start work on the bridge. reporting live on the bridge toll plaza, patty lee, ktvu news. people south of the market neighborhood expecting their neighborhood will be quiet. any moment, the chp is set to close several on ramps leading to that bridge. a lot of people are getting a little nestal jik -- nostalgic. >> we've been around the bridge for a long time. but the weather is almost perfect. there's fog out there. the fog comes back tomorrow.
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these are the highs today. again, tomorrow, pretty close to what we had today. here's the fog along the coast. you can see it gaping out there, and at the golden gate park. fog's just going to keep filling in around twin peaks, heading towards san francisco airport. and the fog, into the morning hours, it's not deep. won't go much past the east bay hills. inland area, i don't think you're going to see much fog. it's not that deep. fog will be around the bay in san francisco obviously. it will be in beshgery and albany -- berkeley and albany. when you get towards richmond and santa clara valley, i don't think you'll see much fog. this is bouncing off that low pressure system offshore. the low states, the fog states, the warmth kind of pushes a little bit this way, so a degree
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or two warmer tomorrow. then the warmth pushes a little farther west, temperatures will warm into the mid 90s. friday is our warmest day and them start to trend down. this pattern is pretty repetitive obviously. and tomorrow, a little warmer barely, and then friday's warmest day as we go into the bay area weekend. 90 in brentwood, 87 in livermore, and 87 in danville. good air quality with this pattern. the enversion's kind of shallow. today we showed a shadow in the 5:00 news on channel 2 and you could see clearly almost mount diablo. 67 in san francisco, tomorrow will be just like this day. just a slight bit warmer. and friday, warm are still, and saturday and sunday, some clouds start to filter in. brings a little bit of rain to the north of us, north of the
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bay area, but it drops our temperatures. daytime highs on sunday and monday, holiday weekend for many, not that warm, gasia. >> thank you, bill. in just over a half-hour, cal trans will close the bay bridge. we'll update things tonight. >> and a dance done by miley miley cyru sshgss is getting some buzz.
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miley cyrus is getting some buzz. . word tonight of matrimonial troubles in two famous households. the actress and her husband, michael douglas are taking sometime apart to evaluate and work on their marriage. the couple married 13 years ago and have two children. douglas made headlines when he suggested that oral sex is a potential cause of some throat cancers. and google cofounder and his wife of six years are separated. according to all things d, the two have been living apart for several on months. the two have two children. >> if you don't think the word twerking is legit, it's made its way into the oxford english dictionary. it made headlines when mily si
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rus showed off -- miley cyrus took on the music awards. >> and cake pot, which is a cake on a stick, and some me time. an update on the bay bridge, the fog is moving in so this view is actually pretty good though. you see a few less cars struggling to the old toll plaza. these are some of the last cars. i'd like to switch to a ground picture now, if we can, and this is the same situation with a much different view. the bridge is set to be shut down at 8:00 tonight. we understand and we can probably see it happen here. submit lanes are already closed and petty lee described how people were actually reversing, backing up right before they get to the toll plaza and scooting over to the right into one of the lanes that is open. again, the bridge is set to be closing at 8:00 tonight. a lot of work set to happen that will be connecting that new span
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to the existing toll plaza. the close surexpected to last for five-day -- closure is expected to last for five days. we'll see you the next time news breaks. thing for making ktvu your news station. we'll have live coverage of that upcoming closure. we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> sean kingston pulled a bonehead move last night. >> coming out and tried to get a question in and the guy flat out said -- >> i had too much to drink today. >> did the valet hear this? >> i don't think the valet is responsible. [laughter] >> justin timberlake took time out of his media tour to take a picture with a make-a-wish survivor. >> wait, wait, wait. you don't survive a make-a-wish though. >> not everybody can. >> not everybody dies. >> once you get your wish, they just kill you. so they die.

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